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We are your New Hampshire equipment sanitizing specialists!

Used by the Pros

The Sani-Sport system is currently used by over 90% of NHL teams and 14 NFL teams

The Ultimate in Gear Safety

The Sani-Sport System is clinically proven to kill 99.8% of infectious bacteria - Including MRSA and Staph

Improve Your Locker Room

We are New Hampshire's preferred locker room sanitizing and deodorizing company

League and Team Deals

We offer special group rates for your league or team

Welcome to Seacoast

We take basic cleaning to the next level, eliminating harmful bacteria and odor. If you have it, we will sanitize it.


We sanitize equipment, locker rooms and much more. Eliminating the smell caused by odor causing and p

Clinical Trials

Learn more about just how effective the Sani-Sport process is

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